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DuriTex Face Mask


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The Daily Essential Face Mask is a sleek and comfortable face covering for all-day use. This mask will continuously control the contamination of odor causing microbes and combat the stink that other masks develop after extended wear.

It’s important to stay covered, and with a DURITEX™-treated mask you can stay fresh as well. The odor fighting antimicrobial treatment will not degrade quickly (even after many washes) and makes wearing a face covering a more pleasant experience.

Powerful Antimicrobial Odor-Control

DURITEX™ is an innovative textile treatment process that controls odor and preserves fabric through the incorporation of an enhanced antimicrobial bonding technology. The treated fabric is guarded against attack from microorganisms and stays fresh even after extended periods of use.

Long-lasting & Durable

Originally designed for military applications, DURITEX™ treated textiles will last longer under use, and combat odor where other products will not.


*DURITEX™ antimicrobial properties are designed to protect the product. This product does not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs, or other disease organisms. Always clean the mask thoroughly after each use.